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Sickness Insurance

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Sickness Insurance

What is sickness insurance and why is it necessary? Imagine the following scenario. You’ve just discovered that you are being made redundant the day after your doctor informs you that you have a serious illness. Your health insurance benefits will not last long enough to cover the series of treatments you’ll need to recover from your illness. You’re the breadwinner of your household. People depend upon you to earn money and provide food and shelter. What are you going to do?

The answer is you’re going to anticipate this scenario and buy income protection insurance. Income protection cover will provide you with up to 65 percent of your gross monthly income in the event that you lose your job or become ill in a way that makes it impossible for you to work at your full capacity. Instead of feeling scared and helpless income protection insurance will make you feel safe and secure. You can concentrate on your recovery and not on your pay stubs.

What About the Health of My Kids/Relatives?

If someone in your immediate family falls ill and requires constant care, sickness insurance may provide you with the ability to care for them without losing your standard of living. Depending on the policy, income protection insurance can provide benefits to people who must stop working full-time in order to provide care for their loved ones. The benefits will start after the policy’s deferral period ends.

Specific Health Providers

Many policy holders want to know who will provide them with care under the terms of their sickness insurance policy. They also have questions about specific ailments or treatment procedures. In each case, policy holders are advised to speak to our agents about the specific health providers in their area and the treatments they will administer. We can tell you that our network of health care providers offers the highest quality of service and care available in the UK.

Questions and Concerns

We also offer our policy holders constant access to trained medical professionals through our medical help line. Day or night, our members can find the answers they are looking for or receive referrals to people who can provide them with those answers. Sometimes the difference between a problem and a crisis is information. We are happy to provide our policy holders with a form of sickness insurance that will keep them financially secure in difficult times.