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Redundancy Insurance

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Some people think of “the dole” when they think of redundancy insurance. However, there’s very little comparison between the two. Government sponsored assistance programme’s rarely provide the kind of comprehensive set of services that redundancy insurance does. Insurance protection cover can provide policy members with health insurance and mortgage payment options. In addition, unemployment insurance frequently pays out much higher benefits than the traditional unemployment queue.

The Benefits of Redundancy Insurance

Redundancy insurance makes it possible for responsible working adults to cover themselves in the event of a major shift in their financial status. Whether you’re made redundant or suffer an unexpected illness that diminishes your capacity to work, redundancy insurance helps you provide for yourself and your loved ones while you recover. Most policies pay up to 65 percent of your gross income.

Additionally, the best policies put you in touch with employment services and health care help lines. You don’t just receive a financial benefit with unemployment insurance. You receive the help you need to build your future.

Coping With The Stress

Being made redundant isn’t just about losing a job. It’s also about temporarily losing your sense of direction. Many hardworking people have shown up to their work only to discover that their positions are no longer available. These redundancies occur through no fault of their own. Being able to recover and find a new position requires in part that you understand the state of the world in which we live and develop the tools to effectively move on.

Needless to say, this adjustment can be very stressful. Having a solid back-up plan in the form of redundancy insurance can ease the pressures of this transition and enable you to quickly find a new source of income.

Providing For Your Family

Most unemployment insurance policies have programme’s that provide policy holders with access to health services. These health services can either refer you to a specialist or help answer pressing medical questions. These health services make it possible for you and your children to receive the highest quality medical care regardless of your financial status.

Most importantly, redundancy insurance enables you to provide for your family no matter what your financial state may be. When a redundancy occurs, it’s not just you that has to worry about a reduction in income. Your children are counting on you to provide them with financial and emotional support.