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Life Insurance Quotes

life insurance

Life Insurance Quote

Life insurance helps provide for your loved ones in the event of a calamity. Income protection insurance serves the exact same purpose but protects against different events. Should you suffer an injury or an accident, income protection insurance acts as a buffer against unpredictable swings in income. Depending on your current monthly gross income, you could receive up to 65 percent of your current salary if you are made redundant or suffer an accident.

Getting a Cheap Quote

Most life insurance quotes are based on your age, income and medical history. Income protection insurance works in a similar way. When you call for a free quote, be prepared to talk about your history with employers and medical professionals.

Like health insurance or life insurance, each income protection insurance policy is designed to best suit the needs of the policy holder. Income protection naturally takes into account the earning potential and employer history of each policy holder in order to create a fair plan.

Peace of Mind

Loan payment protection and mortgage protection programs help ensure that no matter what happens to you, your major financial obligations will always be met. But income protection programmes have a great deal in common with other forms of insurance. Much like life insurance, income protection insurance benefits not just you, but your family.

Studies have proven that children who grow up in a stable environment ultimately become much healthier adults. A large part of a stable environment is a solid financial structure. While we all work hard to make sure that our jobs are as secure as possible, there are simply no guarantees. Protecting your children against major changes in their lifestyle will help them succeed later in life.

Typical Premium Costs

Surprisingly, the cost for unemployment insurance is very minimal. Some plans have monthly premiums of only £3.45. Each plan has a different premium and benefit structure. However, the low cost of the premiums coupled with the enormous benefit of the plan makes an investment in income protection insurance worthwhile. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a plan that costs so little when it provides such incredible benefits?

Life, by its very nature, is unpredictable. Income protection insurance offers a form of living life insurance that will guarantee a solid quality of life regardless of the condition of the economy. With low premiums and large benefits, these plans offer unprecedented financial protection.

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