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The sheer number of income protection insurance options on the market can initially be overwhelming for new buyers. What is the best plan for your needs? What plan will provide the greatest benefit for your children? How can you meet your financial obligations and retain access to health services in the event that you are made redundant?
What about private medical health insurance provision?

Whatever your questions, there really is no need to worry. Our income protection insurance cover provides a host of additional benefits that will keep you and your family safe and secure no matter what may happen.

Health Insurance and Legal Aid
When people think of income protection insurance cover, they generally don’t realise that these plans also contain legal and medical helplines. These helplines are operated by trained professionals who can answer your questions around the clock.
In many instances, redundancies are not handled in a way that is legally precise.

If you have a question about how your redundancy has been handled, you can call our legal helpline and discuss your options. Alternatively, you can consult our back-to-work centre to find out about new openings in your field.
Income protection insurance offers a form of health insurance for individuals who need to buy certain special prescriptions or visit specialists.

We offer certain special provisions for hospital visits and other consultations. Please advise our agents of your condition(s) when you sign up for the policy.

Taking Control of Your Future
Income protection insurance isn’t just about keeping your bills paid and your mortgage current. It’s also about making a transition to a new way of life. Whether you are recovering from an accident or need special health insurance provisions to recover from an illness, income protection insurance enables you to access the resources you need when you most need them.

Although it may seem hard at the time, we can all make a full recovery from redundancy. What we need is the ability to believe in ourselves and the space to make a successful transition. The job market may be tough, but it is not impossible.

What can be difficult is balancing the pressure to meet longstanding financial obligations with the pressure of adapting to the realities of the marketplace. By eliminating the pressure in one area, you can focus your energies on finding a new salaried position. Income protection insurance relieves unnecessary stress and pressure while keeping you solvent.