Why you Should Compare Private Medical Insurance

Why you Should Compare Private Medical Insurance

The length of NHS waiting lists and the availability of treatment and/or medication is very much subject to a post code lottery, with people regularly being refused the help they need if their local authority can not afford to pay for it. This makes it increasingly important to have some sort of private cover.

With an adequate policy in place, families can be sure that their loved ones will always receive the treatment they need. This means being able to get the right treatment immediately, without having to wait for it for months on end. In addition, it is possible to choose where this treatment will be administered.

Naturally, policies vary from one provider to the next, as well as depending on personal circumstances (such as age). Available cover, exclusions and premiums will be different for each and every one of the policies, making it necessary to carefully compare private medical insurance in order to get the best possible cover at the most affordable rates.

Similarly, it is important to make a comparison of different options when looking for income protection insurance. Policies here vary significantly, too, with differences in cover amounts, premiums and possible exclusions. Short-term income protection, for example, may well include cover for unemployment, whereas most long-term policies will only make payouts if the insured individual falls ill.

In addition, the long-term options can be very complex, with some offering financial assistance – typically a percentage of the family’s gross income – if the insured is unable to continue working in their usual capacity, while others will only pay this percentage if the person is unable to perform particular daily tasks.

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