Over 50 Life Insurance No Medical Required

Over 50 Life Insurance No Medical Required

Taking out life insurance often involves having to undergo a medical and for some individuals, the presence of existing medical conditions can result in premiums being comparatively high. This is often the case when a person over the age of 50 renews their policy or takes out cover for the first time.

There are, however, companies offering options where for over 50 life insurance no medical is required. Although these policies tend to be a little more expensive as a whole, when premiums are compared to those where medical conditions need to be declared, they can work out more affordable.

It is, of course, necessary to carefully compare a range of possible choices. Available cover, premiums and the list of exclusions can vary a great deal between providers. Premiums will also depend on the individual’s age at the time of taking out the policy and the amount of cover they wish to have.

Comparison sites assist people in finding the right type of insurance at the right price by listing available choices, explaining the differences and offering the opportunity to get relevant, personalised quotes from selected providers. This naturally also applies to income protection insurance.

Illness can strike and put a person out of work at any age, but the risk is even higher as a person gets older and is more prone to develop illnesses. Income protection can be taken out in many forms, from policies providing a monthly income if the insured individual is unable to work, to policies designed to pay off a loan or a mortgage.

Many of the short term policies on offer will also cover periods of unemployment. Here, too, comparison sites are able to help a person find the most suitable option at the lowest possible expense.

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