Getting cheap Health Insurance to beat NHS Waiting Lists

Getting cheap Health Insurance to beat NHS Waiting Lists

Regardless of how fit and well an individual may feel, there is always a chance of becoming ill. While the cost of treatment is covered by the NHS, this may not be enough to get the required treatment in time. NHS waiting lists can mean treatment will be delayed for weeks, or perhaps even months.

To make matters even worse, if the illness is serious and requires expensive medication, there is also a possibility of this medication being refused because the local NHS authority regards it as too expensive. Long delays in receiving treatment and the risk of being denied medication can be avoided with a little foresight.

By visiting comparison sites, a person will be able to find comparatively cheap health insurance, which will enable them not only to get treatment when they need it and at the hospital of their choice, it will also ensure that any kind of treatment or medication will always be readily available and paid for without causing serious financial difficulties.

While researching this type of policy, it is also advisable to look into some sort of income protection. A serious illness can leave a person unable to work even with the necessary care. By taking out income protection insurance, an individual can protect their family against the threat of losing income as a result of an inability to go to work.

It is possible to get short or long term policies – as a rule, the short term options will only pay out for a maximum period of two years, whereas long term options will cover more extensive periods of time. Short term policies do, however, often cover periods of unemployment as well, an advantage usually not offered by long term variations. Again, comparing available choices will determine the best possible solution.

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